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Our organization, Scuola Provinciale Cani da ricerca e catastrofe ONLUS is one of the oldest Italian organization dedicated to the training of rescue dogs and their handlers; it is part of the local civil protection system in cooperation with other organizations, such as Red Cross, Alpine Rescue, Fire Corps and others. On behalf of our Civil Protection Department, our organization also carries out rescue services abroad, within the framework of international agreements on people rescue in case of emergencies. Video

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Our handlers act on voluntary basis, as expression of solidarity, spirit of collaboration and civic sense: Scuola provinciale Cani da ricerca e catastrofe operates (and organizes classes to train rescue dogs) in following areas:

Rubble Search

Mostly applied after gas explosions or earthquakes: the most difficult task, no doubt. Many different smells and disturbing impacts complicate the search. The dog must independently compete against meters high rubble in order to alert to his dog handler. To avoid mistakes search will be repeated with a second dog.

Area Search

Many missions base on search for missing persons, of whom a precise track lacks. While searching on human scent the dog runs zigzag through a forest for example while his dog handler moves forward in a straight line within an allocated search area. By doing so,relatively few teams can scan large areas within a short time.


The rescue dog follows an individual scent left on the ground by a missing person; sniffing on a personal item of the missing person fulfills to pick up scent at the starting point.

Avalanche Search

Those who get under an avalanche threaten to suffocate or to die through hypothermia, exhaustion or suffered injuries. Each single minute counts. By the help of snow-cats, ski-doos or helicopters, teams quickly get to the avalanche. Similar to the area-search, the dogs run down in zigzag.

We are proud member of the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO), the worldwide representation for 116 national rescue dog organizations from 40 countries. In case of need, please contact us over the Internet, our Facebook group or via Email (info@canidaricerca.it).


Mobile 339.6392834
Phone 0464.436688

Fax 0464.436648

Piazza Podestà, 10
38068 - ROVERETO (TN)



Mobile 339.6392834
Phone 0464.436688

Fax 0464.436648

Piazza Podestà, 10
38068 - ROVERETO (TN)

Civil protection system

In addition to the Scuola provinciale Cani da Ricerca e Catastrofe ONLUS are part of the civil protection system also...

Corpi dei vigili del fuoco volontari
Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico
Psicologi per i popoli
Protezione Civile A.N.A. Trento (Nu.Vol.A.)
Croce rossa italiana

The school has an agreement with

Clinica Veterinaria Zoolife Zoolife Veterinary Clinic
Medical Director Dr. R. Guadagnini